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Beef cuts sheet from Cypress Grove Farm StoreDo you have a stand-alone freezer? Would you like to have 80-90 lbs of premium Beltie Beef at your fingertips--ready for the grill?  For the first time, Cypress Grove is offering quarters of our premium Beltie beef for sale. 

Buying a Beltie beef quarter will offer the convenience of having a supply of these top-quality steaks, roasts and burgers ready-to-grill right in your own house.  Even better, you save money, as our beef-quarters are 20-25% or more below our average retail cut price.

You will get:
  • One-quarter from one of our premium beltie beefís - approximately 80-90 pounds of finished cuts
  • Processing at Das Schlatt House in Arthur IL
  • Vacuum packing in clear plastic for all cuts
  • Delivery of the prepared cuts direct to your freezer

The Beef:

  • You can purchase a one-quarter or one-half share from a Cypress Grove Beltie. 
  • Our beef is all pastured, grass fed, natural, no antibiotics and no hormones. 
  • Compared to the USDA standard, our Beltie beef is lower in saturated fat, calories, total fat and cholesterol.
  • In addition to the added health benefits, Beltie beef packs a delicious punch of flavor thanks to the fine marbling in every cut of beef.


  • Top-Quality Fabrication - We use Das Schlatt House in Arthur for our fabrication, as we have found their quality and consistency to be the best in the area. 
  • Dry Aging -  In order to develop the most tenderness and best flavor, we dry-age the beef at the locker for up to three weeks. 
  • Vacuum Packed Cuts-The cuts are then all vacuum-packed in clear packages which are great for locking in freshness and make thawing easy with hot-tap water alone.


  • To-Your-Door when itís ready
  • We will pick-up the meat and deliver it direct to your freezer.

Interested? We have limited supplies, so please contact us
 to discuss prices and availability! 



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