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Cypress Grove exclusively offers "Beltie Beef", from the Belted Galloway breed.  The black cows with white center belts, sometimes called "oreo cows", are a smaller cow, similar to the Hereford breed. 

The breed originated in Scotland and is well suited to cool and wet climates due to their two layers of hair.  The American Bison, although not genetically related, also has two layers of hair.  The double layer of hair serves as a very effective insulation, meaning that Belties do not need to have a heavy layer of external white fat like most other breeds.  Instead their fat is in the marbling in the meat, and this marbling is very different from external fats as it contains far less saturated fats.   Beltie steaks and roasts have fine lines of fat dispersed into the meat, rather than around the edges, which creates a much more tender, and flavorful cut of meat.

Evolving along the Scottish coast, the Belties evolved to be able to be able to produce a quality meat, while surviving on the native woody stems, moss and other vegetation normally shunned buy typical cattle breeds.  Thus the modern-day Beltie is known for being a veracious grazer producing.  The Belties are also known for their preference for grass, hay and corn stalk roughage, rather than commercial prepared feeds.

We chose to raise Belted Galloways and sell Beltie Beef for one reasonIt's the best beef  for FLAVOR, for TENDERNESS and its HEALTHIER!

The U.S. based Belted Galloway Society Foundation funded a nutritional value study on selected cuts of Beltie Beef in 2008, and the results were remarkable.  The Beltie Ribeye steaks from the Belted Galloway's in the study on average, was 46% lower in calories, 72% lower in fat calories, 68% lower in Total Fat, 69% lower in Saturated Fats, 57% lower in cholesterol, 19% higher in protein.  The Galloway Society of New Zealand reports similar comparative results on meat produced by the Belted Galloway.
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